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JJK Notebooks Collection


Notebook Details:

  • A4 Size
  • 100 pages (200 sides)
  • 70gsm Imported Paper
  • Some designs might have small scratches on it, we have reduced the prices accordingly for those designs.

JJK Notebooks

  • Gojo black
  • Gojo chibi
  • Gojo dark blue
  • Gojo Dual
  • Gojo Eyes
  • Gojo x Itadori Blue
  • Itadori black
  • JJK Group
  • JJK Title
  • Sakuna Black
  • Sakuna black and white
  • Sakuna Purple back
  • Sakuna red
  • Sakuna tongue
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Additional information

JJK Notebooks

Gojo black, Gojo chibi, Gojo dark blue, Gojo Dual, Gojo Eyes, Gojo x Itadori Blue, Itadori black, JJK Group, JJK Title, Sakuna Black, Sakuna black and white, Sakuna Purple back, Sakuna red, Sakuna tongue